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Philanthropy services

The world is changing, and with it the approach to philanthropy. Whether you feel compelled to help those less fortunate than you or to inspire the next generation, we can help you make a real and lasting difference.

Shaping the future of philanthropy

For more than 65 years, we’ve been helping wealthy individuals’ and families’ pursuit of important social causes – in turn we’ve helped the growth of a thriving philanthropic society.

We believe your philanthropy plans and charitable structures belong at the heart of your overall wealth management strategy. With that in mind, our specialists work with you and your advisers, providing advice and support to guide the development of your philanthropy.

We support you every step of the way, from initial vision and planning through to implementation and ongoing management of your charitable trusts and foundations.

In partnership all the way

You may already be involved in charitable projects. You might be intending simply to give to a charity or leave money in a will. You may have an ambitious goal but be unsure about the best means to achieve it. Or you may be guided only by broad intentions. In every case, we can work in partnership with you to build a philanthropic strategy. We provide a tailored service based on sound philanthropic practices and supported by the global capabilities of the HSBC Group.

We believe your philanthropy plans and charitable structures belong at the heart of your overall wealth management strategy.
Continuing a family tradition of giving Watch the video Continuing a family tradition of giving
Philanthropy is a proud family tradition for the Ruttonjee-Shroff family, a tribute to the success with which the family has passed down its philosophy of not just creating wealth but also giving back to the community.

Realising your vision through strategic philanthropy

We recognise that your philanthropy is driven by your individual passions, essential to your personal growth and that of your family. A strategic approach, with researched, planned and directed activities built around the issues you feel passionate about, is likely to achieve significantly more for the causes you support.

If you are already engaged in philanthropy, there can be considerable value in taking a fresh, objective look at your strategy. By reviewing your activities, programmes, projects and grants, you can make sure they remain closely aligned with your vision.

Our approach

  1. Inspiring your philanthropy: there are many motivations for philanthropy and many ways to support your philanthropic interests. But choosing your focus can take time.
  2. Developing your strategy: understanding what you want to achieve is the first step in developing a powerful philanthropic strategy that will stretch into the future.
  3. Establishing your charitable trust or foundation: with your philanthropic vision in focus, we draw on our detailed knowledge of creating charitable trusts to help you establish a strategic approach to the operation and management of your philanthropic structure.
  4. Supporting your charitable trust or foundation: we are dedicated to helping ensure your trust is smooth running and well managed. Our comprehensive administrative services are designed to support the everyday challenges of running a successful charitable foundation.
  5. Reviewing and evaluating: the world is constantly shifting and the activities and projects you choose to support may need to change too. Our role is to keep you informed and ensure we stay focused on your philanthropic goals today and tomorrow.
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