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HSBC Trading Advisory

HSBC Trading Advisory

Offering high-touch, fast execution tactical equity trading service with up-to-the-minute views on specific markets and stocks

A full-fledged solution enables you to be best-positioned under different market situations, with extra capital flexibility.

Tactical Equity Trading Advisory

Provide timely and value-added market intelligence, along with tactical investment views on equities formulated by our experienced strategists, to suit your trading needs.

Over 20 Major Global Equity Markets

Including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and more.

Securities Margin Financing

Margin financing for stocks to give you extra capital flexibility.

Private Placements, Sub-underwriting and IPOs

Keep you up to date on the latest capital market activities to help you seize every market opportunity, including IPOs, and access to private placement and sub-underwriting.


HSBC Trading Advisory offers high-touch tactical trading services and capital markets opportunities

Dedicated Trading Advisers

  • Provide up-to-the-minute market intelligence and stock updates
  • Tactical equity advisory services to suit your trading needs

Equity Strategists

  • Short-term market insights derived from macro and technical analysis
  • Formulate tactical investment views for individual stocks
  • Cover over 150 popular local and overseas stocks
  • Insightful equity strategy seminars

Capital Markets

  • Provide initial public offering subscription services
  • Opportunities to participate in new issue, sub-underwriting and placement transactions

Margin Financing

  • More than 900 securities, including most blue chips stocks across developed markets and investment grade bonds.
  • Offer a maximum margin ratio up to 70% for stocks and 90% for bonds*

Equity Related Futures & Options

HSBC Trading Advisory offers equity related futures & options in major exchanges. 

Support Major Futures Markets in the World

Round-the-clock trading services in major futures exchanges globally.

Leverage Feature

Leverage capability to allow you to enjoy more investment opportunities. 

Cost Effective Investment Tool

Cost effective trading instrument with lower commissions and transaction costs.

Powerful Tool for Strategic Equity Investment / Hedging

Powerful tool to tailor your equity strategies in different market situations.

Our Trading Advisers have rich expertise in helping sophisticated and experienced investors execute their investment strategies with the use of derivatives.

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Note: operated by HSBC Broking Services (Asia) Limited & its SFC-regulated subsidiaries.

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